Welcome to Copper Hills Church!

We are a community of Christ-followers whose lives are being transformed as we apprentice ourselves to Jesus by spending time with Him in all sorts of different ways.

We worship together at our weekend services with contemporary worship and Bible-focused messages and we discuss and learn to apply Jesus’ teachings in our everyday lives at our weekly LifeGroups. We have a thriving Family Ministry for kids, Youth Groups for both Junior High and High Schoolers, as well as Men’s and Women’s ministries.

We especially love our neighborhood and our neighbors and we are always looking to connect with them and serve them through community events, our Center for the Arts and our community coffee shop.

Hope to see you soon!

What Matters To Us

You Matter

Welcome to Copper Hills Church. We have a house rule here: no perfect people allowed. We welcome you and look forward to gathering in the presence of a perfect God and experience the immeasurable love and grace He has for every imperfect one of us.

Jesus Matters

Because Jesus is our matchless King and Leader, we desire to express our gratitude and to worship Him but also to respond to His mission for us … “Helping each other increasingly think like Jesus so we are increasingly mistaken for him.”

Community Matters

We are a community in a community. A community of Jesus-followers who want to be a magnetic influence for Him in our community.

Weekend gatherings are NOT enough. We have concluded that dynamic growth happens best when we gather in smaller groups we call Life Groups. Life Groups provide an opportunity to meet regularly through our weeks with others who are learning to follow Jesus, and it satisfies one of our great needs… to belong.

Families Matter

Your family matters. We are dedicated to the spiritual growth of our most valued family members, our children. Our vision is for each child and student to be independently dependent on Jesus through a personal and active friendship with Him.

Our birth-6th grade children gather together in their own environment at the same time our adults are gathering.

For Junior High and High School meeting times, visit our Student Ministry page